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Learn everything there is to know about Taitopia's features, APIs, and how to use them.

What is Taitopia?

Taitopia is a cloud-native 3D rendering platform for lightning-fast and photorealistic product visualization.

Taitopia delivers a wealth of key features within a single, unified platform for your next render project.

Taitopia v1.0: A New Era in 3D Rendering | 2023 Showreel

Main Features

Some of the main features of Taitopia include:

Cloud GPU Path TracingTap into top-notch cloud computing power right at your fingertips. Adjust material and lighting with immediate feedback and ultra-realistic accuracy.
Material GraphCreate complex materials with rich details and express the charm of your products with stunning color, material, and finish (CMF) design using a node-based workflow.
LightingCast your product in perfect lights using HDRI environment maps and various types of physical lighting including area, point, spot, and sky lights.
Render QueueLet the cloud do the hard work. Conveniently submit rendering tasks such as multiple camera views and videos with just one click, then continue on your project right away.
AnimationBring your product to life with motion. Create smooth keyframe animations without the hassle of curve editing, or simply drag and drop ready-to-use presets.
PostprocessingEnhance your shot with exposure, color adjustments, and bloom effects. Get it all done within Taitopia so your renders are ready to roll.
Personal Asset LibraryStore and manage all your 3D assets on the cloud. Save and reuse models, materials, or textures across multiple projects.
Team and CollaborationAssemble a team and invite your colleagues. Manage roles, share files, comment on files, and communicate directly within Taitopia boost your productivity.
Share and ViewGenerate a shareable link with one click for client and stakeholder feedback. No need to install specialized software locally to access the fast, photorealistic interactive view.

How to Use These Docs

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